Lago di Monte Eco Resort





2015 – 2017



Durmitor, Montenegro



Hotel, spa, event center, villas, recreation




Dijana Vučinić, Marija Ičević

with Jelena Šćepanović, Jovana Miljanić, Milica Jakić, Janko Nikolić, Marko Popović


Luka Bošković, graphic design



The client has owned the location for several years when we have started working together. They have insisted on contemporary design and ecology and we have insisted on thorough analysis before the design. Relying on sustainability and environment protection, we have designed a contemporary eco-resort with luxury eco villas and hotel, spa & conference center. This resort is created for those who appreciate the magnificence of nature, adventurous hiking/biking vacations, skiing and snowboarding or just joy of simply letting go.

There are 8 villas and 105 hotel units with total of 300 beds. The spa center appropriate for the capacity that extends from the inside out facing the forest. The conference center offers space for events for more than 300 people and the restaurant capacity with large outdoor terrace extends beyond that which makes it perfect for events – corporate or weddings.

This type of resort means not only well planned accommodation with suitable program, but also requires ecological and sustainable design in dialogue with the environment supported by high-end technology. The resort leaves very low carbon footprint with renewable energy system in place and highly controlled water usage and waste management.

The lake, the nearby surroundings and precious forest made it an imperative to preserve and enhance the given natural resources. We have been inspired by the land and astonished by culture and gastronomy while working on the project.