Agape Urban Hotel Re-Use project

Agape Urban Hotel   

Re-Use project






2015 – 2016



Bar, Montenegro



Hotel with event center and restaurant




Dijana Vučinić, Marija Ičević

with Jovana Miljanić



Bar is a coastal city in Montenegro, known through the past for the Port of Bar and as an administrative and business center of this region, not so much as a tourism spot like many other coastal towns. That has changed recently and tourism has been developing in many ways in this city and its surroundings. The clients owned half of the building where they have decided to make an urban hotel for business travelers and tourists. The building has been built in the late 80s partly office building and partly 2* rental apartments. It has been turned into an urban hotel with 20 rooms, two restaurants and small events space. The idea behind the design was to create a contemporary and comfortable hotel venue for shorter or long-term stay along with the vibrant city spot in the restaurant meant for locals as well as for visitors.